Repair, assembly and maintenance of machinery

High production capacity

In our workshop we also offer repair, maintenance and assembly of mechanical assemblies.

Adequate maintenance and tuning of the machinery is essential to extend the useful life of the mechanical parts that suffer the most wear and tear and to ensure their correct operation.

At Assomec we pick up the material at our customer’s facilities, repair it in the shortest possible time and deliver it again.

Tig, Mig and laser welding workshop

We also manufacture transmission elements such as gears, cams, pulleys, elastic couplings and protections necessary to provide safety to all the mechanical elements that cover and give the final touch to the machines.


We have our own metrology department, essential to guarantee quality and excellence in the production of parts.


It allows us to manufacture machinery and boilermaking in series, even different products at the same time.

Serial machine manufacturing and repair

Our production capacity allows us to manufacture any set of parts. Once assembled and equipped with the necessary electronics, which are always provided by our customers, these parts can form machines suitable for operation in various production sectors.

We have a pre-assembly area where we carry out the assembly of groups of parts or, if necessary, the serial assembly of one or several machines.

If you can think of it… We can do it

Manufacture, repair and assembly of machinery for industry

In our factory we have the latest generation machine tools and qualified personnel to perform all types of work.

The high production capacity allows us to manufacture any set of parts, from packaging machines to digital ceramic printers, including laser cutting machines, among other products.

Production process control with ERP

The use of an ERP system allows us to know the status of each order: completed parts, pending parts and the progression of each reference.

Express quote (online)

We stand out for our quick response in the preparation of quotations and delivery of orders, adapting to the demands of short deadlines of our customers thanks to our production capacity and large stock of materials in warehouse.

Customer loyalty and satisfaction

Close contact with AssoMec staff, fast delivery and quality services promote long-lasting relationships with customers, resulting in mutual benefit and effective problem solving.


Metal and other materials

Water cut

Water jet for cold cutting

Welding Workshop

TIG, MIG and Laser Welding