Industrial Boilermaking

Factory and Boiler Shop

We have 2 automatic numerical control press brakes equipped with shears, along with a highly trained team that can manufacture parts of any complexity.

Tig, Mig and laser welding workshop

Design and manufacture of industrial boilermaking parts.

We have the necessary software for the design and manufacture of a wide variety of parts such as hoppers, ferrules, tanks, cones, grafts, among others. Regardless of shape, material or thickness.

If you can think of it… We can do it

Industrial boilermaking workshop

Hire experts in industrial boilermaking to ensure quality and efficiency in your projects. Contact us for professional and specialized services.

We are prepared to meet the needs of sectors such as pharmaceuticals, chemicals and others.

Production process control with ERP

The use of an ERP system allows us to know the status of each order: completed parts, pending parts and the progression of each reference.

Express quote (online)

We stand out for our quick response in the preparation of quotations and delivery of orders, adapting to the demands of short deadlines of our customers thanks to our production capacity and large stock of materials in warehouse.

Customer loyalty and satisfaction

Close contact with AssoMec staff, fast delivery and quality services promote long-lasting relationships with customers, resulting in mutual benefit and effective problem solving.


Metal and other materials

Water cut

Water jet for cold cutting

Welding Workshop

TIG, MIG and Laser Welding